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3 Ideas For Intimate Wedding Venues in Miami

Generally, intimate weddings are smaller and offer a more personalized and unique experience. Many couples are now opting for intimate weddings, whether for budgetary reasons or because they prefer having more one-on-one time with their guests. Read on to learn about three top ideas for intimate wedding venues in Miami.

Garden Wedding Venues

Nothing beats setting up your wedding decor among beautiful flowers, lush foliage, and spreading greenery. There are many intimate wedding venues in Miami that offer the right amount of space and breathtaking scenery that comes with its own natural decor. You can have all the intimacy you need for your special day without investing too much money or time in getting the best visuals. Your guests will also appreciate the almost tranquil environment and the numerous backdrops that are perfect for Instagram-worthy photos. You have the flexibility to create an elegant, romantic, or rustic wedding depending on your preference.

Small Chapel Weddings

If you’d like an easy, fun, and intimate way to get married, you may consider a chapel wedding. It’s up to you whether you want an indoor or outdoor chapel experience. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a classic small wedding that fits every definition of intimate. Chapels tend to be smaller than your typical church, so it’s crucial to trim your wedding guest list. The good thing is chapel weddings are still ideal for non-religious people if you find one that’s non-denominational. Although some people might think chapel weddings only happen in Las Vegas, this is far from the truth, as you can find many charming options right here in Miami.

Unique Wedding Venues

There are various unique, intimate wedding ideas you can consider. Top options include a small brunch wedding in a restaurant-like setting. You can also plan an intimate affair at a restaurant or rent a private dining area where you can have all your family and friends close to you. The good thing about smaller weddings is that there are fewer restrictions when it comes to space, so you can explore many diverse venues and get creative with your ideas. After all, having an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all the stops and make your wedding stand out.

According to Wedding Wire, spring weddings with about 100 guests are most popular in Miami, particularly in the months of March and May. This means you’ll have an easier time finding intimate wedding venues in Miami for the summer. Ready to start exploring your options now? Contact us today to discover how to make your intimate celebration a success.

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