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Wedding venues In Miami

3 tips for a perfect outdoor wedding 

Over the past few years, outdoor weddings have become more and more popular. This is because there is something special and magical about celebrating this important event with the company of the sky. But having successful outdoor wedding venues in Miami isn’t always as foreseeable as an indoor one. Here are some things to consider to have a perfect outdoor wedding.

Rethink the time of the year

It’s important to consider the time of the year when planning an outdoor wedding. Consider the seasons and its weather, it is best to avoid an outdoor wedding in winter since many people can’t tolerate the cold. Also, avoid having the event on the hottest day since it might cause discomfort to you and your guests. Spring and fall are great times for a beautiful outdoor wedding. It’s a good idea to ask your wedding venues in Miami, which is the best time of the year for an outdoor event.

Choose the venue

An outdoor wedding can be done in different locations such as a terrace, a garden, the beach, etc. It’s important to choose what kind of venue you are wanting and go look for options. Make sure you get all the details regarding what can and cannot be done at each location. What will the venue provide? What has to be rented with a different provider? Will the venue provide setup and breakdown? How many guests are you contemplating? What is your budget? At Peacock Garden events we offer wide options for outdoor events that are flexible to your needs. Discover our intimate wedding venues in Miami such as the secret garden and our beautiful terrace –  up to 200 guests for a cocktail-style reception.

Have a backup plan for unexpected weather

Weather can be unpredictable at outdoor venues and ballrooms in Miami, therefore it’s important to be prepared for any change. A second indoor option may be a good idea. Other things to consider include a tent in case of rain, heaters in case of chilly wind, fans in case of the extreme sun, umbrellas, blankets, etc.

An outdoor wedding is an excellent choice for such a big day. But it’s important to consider some environmental elements and also chose the perfect venue to host the wedding. Contact us today to learn more about our brand new outdoor spaces for your occasion! Our Miami Florida event venues team can’t wait to see what event space is the perfect fit for you.

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