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Intimate Wedding Venue

5 Ideas for an Intimate Wedding in Miami

Are you in search of an intimate wedding venue? Spring weddings are the most popular in Miami, according to Wedding Wire, especially in the months of March and May. The average number of guests at a Miami wedding is 100. Here are some ideas for an intimate wedding in Miami you may consider.

It’s all in the guest list

A tiny wedding can only be described as such if the guest list is kept to a minimum. Examine your text messages and phone calls, and only invite people you’ve talked to in the last three months. We talk to the people who matter the most; it’s as simple as that.

Send a wedding announcement

Of course, everyone will be curious as to whether or not you’ve tied the knot. Consider sending a wedding announcement or a handwritten message to individuals who were not on your guest list. Make a list of people who will be interested in hearing the good news, and then send out a wedding announcement after the fact.

Find an intimate space in a large venue

Traditional venues have a lot of unusual rooms that are ideal for smaller gatherings. Consider areas that are sometimes disregarded, such as a huge old estate’s library. Courtyards, theaters, and tiny galleries are all excellent choices for an intimate wedding venue as well.

Use  creative seating arrangements

If you’re having a small wedding in a large location, it’s time to be creative with the seating arrangements for the ceremony and reception. Making a large area feel intimate can be a lot of fun since you can be really creative with seating and table arrangements. You can add things like a lounge or innovative bars and food stations.

How about a welcome box?

A welcome box is such a personal touch to put together for your small guest list, whether you’re throwing a destination wedding, a weekend-long celebration, or an intimate evening party. Include objects that you and your partner enjoy as well as elements from your wedding’s location.

If you think about it, an intimate wedding venue is not that difficult to find. Culling the guest list, sending a wedding announcement, creating an intimate space in a large venue, using creative seating arrangements, and providing a welcome box are all ways to make a wedding in Miami more intimate. Make a booking now.

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