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6 things to consider when looking for meeting spaces in Miami

Finding the ideal meeting space to host your next meeting or luncheon in Miami will guarantee that your event runs smoothly. While browsing meeting spaces, consider these six things to make sure that you find meeting spaces in Miami that are perfect for your next event.

1. Space

As you plan your event, you’ll want to ensure that the meeting space in Miami has ample space for everyone. According to The Knot, the average wedding has 131 guests, so choosing a meeting space that also offers wedding space will ensure you have plenty of room. You’ll also want to take into account how much space you need to serve refreshments.

2. Type of Space

Miami is a beautiful area, so it makes sense that people won’t want to be cooped up inside during a corporate meeting. Finding an outdoor meeting space in Miami can help everyone enjoy the get-together, even if it’s for work. On the other hand, companies that want an indoor space will need to make sure they find a meeting space in Miami that can accommodate that.

3. Refreshments

Some meeting spaces have catering staff on hand. Others may know vendors in the area that they can recommend. However, some meeting spaces in Miami only offer meeting space. Make sure that you consider whether having refreshments provided is a must-have for your meeting space in Miami.

4. Chairs

It doesn’t matter how large a meeting space is if you don’t have enough chairs for everyone around the table. If more than one meeting is happening, there might be a chair shortage. Take a tally of how many guests will be attending the meeting, and make sure that a meeting space will have ample seating for everyone attending.

5. Adaptability

Meetings often require more than just sitting around a conference table. If your meeting needs a whiteboard, a projector, or something else, it’s critical to make sure that the venue can adapt to that. If not, it’s going to be difficult to improvise.

6. Break-Out Spaces

Many meetings today involve pitching a concept and the group splitting into smaller groups that work on ideas. This is a wonderful team-building activity that many corporations are embracing. Make sure the meeting space has smaller rooms for collaborating if necessary.

Finding the perfect meeting spaces in Miami can be difficult, but we can make it a bit easier. Our venue in Miami is ideal for weddings, lunches, corporate meetings, and more. Contact us today at Peacock Garden Events to see how we can help your meeting run smoothly.

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