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Q&A for planning a baby shower

Having a baby shower can be a fun and exciting moment for parents-to-be. Although finding baby shower venues in Miami Fl might be a daunting task a baby shower is a perfect moment to relieve stress and anxiety through the best therapy of all: gifts and celebration! You might have many questions about how to plan a baby shower. Keep reading to find the answers.

Who should plan & host the baby shower?

There is not a designated planner, this role is for anyone who’s willing and able and is welcome to throw a baby shower! It can be a best friend, coworker, family member, or anyone close to the mom and dad-to-be. Sometimes there could be more than one baby shower, each shower involving different groups of people.

When should you throw the baby bash?

It is advised to start planning the baby shower early, especially if you are considering renting out a venue space. The earlier you plan the more chance to have the right spot as well as time to choose from baby shower venues in Miami Fl you’ll have. A good idea is to hold the shower early in the second trimester, rather than waiting until the third trimester.

Where should you host the party?

The location of the baby shower depends on the guest list and the atmosphere you want to create! At Peacock garden events there are many different venue spaces to host your shower. You can choose indoor spaces like our Sun Room, or open spaces like our Terrace and garden! When it comes to location, the possibilities are endless with us.

What to do during the baby shower?

When it comes to activities to do, it is best to consider what the future mom’s preferences are. Typically, a shower includes food, a couple of games (like name the song or guess the price) or crafts, and opening gifts. For the gifts, it is best to have a registry to make it easy for guests to know what you want for your little one.

Hosting, planning, and attending a baby shower takes time. So it is best to begin early and avoid last-minute hassles. Visit our diverse and unique baby shower venues in Miami Fl or contact us today to learn more.

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