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What to Look for in a Ballroom Wedding Venue

According to The Knot, 72% of couples focused on providing a wonderful experience for their wedding guests. In fact, about half of all couples went above just providing food, drink, and music; they also set up cigar stations, picture booths, custom margarita bars, and more!

However, finding the perfect venue may be daunting when you want your guests to relish their experience. If you haven’t considered renting a ballroom space as your wedding venue, you should. They are romantic spaces that can hold quite a few guests! Here are a few things to look for in a ballroom wedding venue as you consider your options.


No matter what event you’re hosting, space is everything. If you’re having a big wedding, you’ll need a ballroom with ample space to comfortably seat your guests. Plus, the bigger the wedding, the more people will be dancing the night away. Be sure the ballroom you have your eye on has a large enough dance floor for all your guests. This way, the venue won’t feel cramped or hot when you’re trying to enjoy your special evening.

Color Scheme and Theme

You probably have a specific theme and/or color scheme in mind for your wedding. As you browse your ballroom wedding venue options, be sure you’ll be able to bring your theme to life! Does the venue coordinator allow new decorations to be hung up? Can your wedding colors be incorporated well? Consider these questions before you book.


Another aspect of a beautiful ballroom is lighting. If the lighting is too intense, your evening may not feel as romantic as you’d like. You may prefer string lights or fairy lights to provide softer lighting. As you look at ballrooms, be sure to take lighting into account. You can also ask the venue coordinator if switching up the lighting would be an option for your special day.

If you’d like to host your wedding reception in a big, beautiful ballroom, look to Peacock Garden Events. We’re happy to discuss your options and help you design the perfect space to hold all your guests. Contact us today!

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